Karol Children's Hospital

Pediatric Cardiology

Pediatric Cardiology

Karol Hospital, Jaipur, possesses the best pediatric cardiology department. Our pediatric cardiology department provides solutions to cardiac issues for newborns, premature babies to 18 years old. We have all the special equipment and machinery to solve structural and functional problems.

At Karol Children's Hospital, We serve the following:

  • 2 D echocardiography for heart structure and function checking
  • 12 leads ECG
  • Functional ECHO
  • Real-time ECHO

We value every little heart; that's why we remain to prepare 24*7 with the best pediatric cardiologists. We try to care for our little patients as much as possible and keep them healthy. With the best pediatrician and critical care professionals, we serve at our best and do much more on time.