Karol Children's Hospital

General Pediatrics

General Pediatrics

We at Karol Children's Hospital understand that every child deserves the best care. We believe in providing inclusive care for your child, whether it is psychological or physical. We are well known as good neonatologists, and we take care of newborns very well. Patients revisit us to consult about their babies because of our dedication and honesty. At Karol Children's Hospital, we provide OPD care, vaccination, growth monitoring, and others. To serve at its best, our pediatric department has the support of the following departments:

  • State of the art Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • Level III World-Class Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Pediatric Day Care
  • Nephrology Pediatric
  • Gastroenterology Pediatric
  • Neurology Pediatric
  • Plastic Surgery Pediatric Orthopedics Pediatric Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation Radiology
  • Laboratory/ diagnostics

General Pediatrics At Karol Children's Hospital

We are devoted to providing the best care to your children and newborns by the best-experienced doctors. We admire your concern about your child, so we serve the best quality and advanced treatment but at the best affordable prices.

We take children as future citizens; hence we understand our responsibility towards their health. We offer authenticated diagnostic and therapeutic options to help construct a sound and active generation.

We at Karol Children's Hospital are efficient in recognizing and treating every health crisis if it is a nutritional issue, child's growth problem, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, chronic health issues such as asthma, obesity, or others.