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Adolescent Health

Adolescent Health

If your child is between the ages of 11 and 21 years, you must know about an adolescent health specialist. We are not living in a simple age like before, and adolescents face abnormal pressures in today's time. They might be worried about their social media posts or academic examinations. Many things that never existed at an earlier time affect teenagers, and they face life-threatening illnesses and mental diseases. At Karol Children's Hospital, we have the best Adolescent Health specialists. They help and advise adolescents about their complex physical, behavioral, and emotional health care through physical examinations, counseling, and immunizations for better physical and mental health. Our Adolescent health specialists offer teenagers and young adults complete care and treatment for various problems and conditions, including scoliosis, growth, strep throat to asthma and development issues, Acute or chronic illness, diabetes, or cerebral palsy. Besides that:

At Karol Children`s Hospital, We serve the following:

    • Headaches, chest pain, and other aches
    • Gynaecologic and reproductive health/sexuality issues
    • School, learning, and attention problems
    • Nutrition, obesity, and eating disorders
    • Drug, alcohol, and tobacco use prevention and counseling
    • Psychosocial issues including depression, stress, anxiety, self-esteem, and sleep problems
    • Acne and other skin conditions

    Adolescents require unique and essential health care needs. Karol Children's Hospital understands this thing well and provides appropriate care and consultation to teens about physical and emotional changes. Our Adolescent specialists are experts in their particular field, so they understand well how to examine and treat this new young generation. We try to stretch the conversation with our patients to know how they are going through. After all the things we advise related families also, and try to develop a healthy generation.

We value every little heart; that's why we remain to prepare 24*7 with the best pediatric cardiologists. We try to care for our little patients as much as possible and keep them healthy. With the best pediatrician and critical care professionals, we serve at our best and do much more on time.